Jack LaFond

Part time production testing enthusiast, full time cybersecurity student. I'm currently interning at Retro (and occasionally breaking things at Creature World).

In my past, I related to developers at Whop, toyed with web3 direction at Basic.Space, wrangled community at OpenSea, and slashed software at Reincubate.

I can be commonly found on GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter. The best way to contact me would be hi@jack.link.

Recent projects

...and in the past: Stats360.co, tunes.ninja and StreamTicker.

Recent activities

I almost always have my headphones in. My favorite song this week has been phobie d’impulsion by glaive, which I've played 25 times - I've also had glaive, ISOxo, Quadeca, ericdoa and Berlioz on repeat recently.

My Steam library is a little too big. I've played 2 hours in the last two weeks - including 2 hours on Apex Legends.

Recent writings